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Consulting on customs clearance

Customs clearance is the cornerstone on which both the terms of delivery of goods and in general the success of conduction of the foreign trade depend. In addition, the rules of international customs laws change frequently enough so that not every organization is able to keep up with all the features of clearance of imported goods into the country or export abroad. That is why at the stage of legalizing of the export- import operations it is very important to fall back upon the help of professionals who over the years in this area have studied thoroughly all the pitfalls and all the nuances of this procedure.

Panalmera Company provides consulting services on customs clearance of foreign trade goods of various types and purposes. Our service includes:

- advice on the specifics of foreign trade and clarification of customs legislation;

- clarification of documents defining the sequence and rules of customs clearance of goods and transport;

- recommendations for selection, suspension and termination of customs regimes;

- examination of transport and commercial documents for compliance with the customs legislation;

- assessment of preferential risk;

- assistance in obtaining sanitary- epidemiological conclusions, certificates and other permits;

- assistance in completing customs declarations;

- consultation on the preliminary payments;

- assistance in the identification and correction of customs value;

- providing information on the procedure of obtaining of the classification decision (assigning a specific goods code) in the Federal Customs Service;

- information on the presence or absence of necessity to obtain additional decisions;

Along with the consultations we also provide practical assistance in this area. Our experts will help to draw up the documents at the stage of conclusion of foreign trade agreements, they will prepare and coordinate the shipping documents, will make a preliminary calculation of customs payments (dues, excise taxes, customs duties, VAT), will determine the goods codes in accordance with the HS classification. Also, at your request, we will make a package of documents for submission to the Federal Customs Service to make decisions on the classification of goods, determination of the country of origin and for obtaining tax concessions.

Thanks to our assistance you can get the goods from abroad or, conversely, to send the goods to your foreign partners in a shortest space of time and using the minimum financial resources. Great experience, highly skilled professionals , as well as careful monitoring of changes in customs legislation allows us to minimize the risks arising in the process of customs clearance and speed up the procedure itself .

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