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Multimodal transportation

If the goods cannot be delivered to the point of destination by unimodal transport the best way is to resort to multimodal transportation. This type of transportation involves the use of different transport, selected on the basis of the specificity of the transported goods, promptness of delivery and chosen route scheme. That is multimodal transportation, which allows delivering goods literally from door to door.

Another important feature of multimodal transportation is the presence of a single organizer and charging him with full responsibility for the safety of the goods and its timely delivery. Accordingly, for the entire route of the goods a single transport agreement is drawn up, regardless of the number of transport types used and the number of transfer points. In addition, the freight rate for the entire length of the route will also be unified.

Normally, multimodal transportation is chosen at goods transportation from one country to another and even more – from continent to continent. For example, even if as the primary mode of transport aircraft will be used in addition it cannot do without motor transportation - for delivery in the first to the departure airport and then directly to the recipient’s warehouse from the arrival airport .

To date, multimodal transportation is one of the most convenient and profitable ways to transport goods over long and medium distances. In their favor, above all, counts maximum use of different transport at every step of the way. As a result, thanks to the flexible choice of the optimal mode of transport based on the type of goods and other factors, it is possible to reduce significantly the cost of transportation while reducing the time of transportation.

In this case, preferring multimodal transportation, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of Transport and Logistics Company that will organize this complex process. It is important to find the real professionals who can ensure the safety of goods and efficient execution of their tasks during the passage of the entire routing chain.

Organization of multimodal transportation is one of the activities of Panalmera Company, which is implementing in practice a package approach to customer requirements. Our service includes:

- efficient delivery of any goods, including non-standard, both inside the country and abroad;

- preparation of individual logistics schemes of transportation involving various modes of transport, the most advantageous in terms of reliability, cost and terms of delivery;

- assistance in completing of all supporting documents and goods insurance;

- professional consultation on customs clearance.

Due to established partnerships with leading international and Russian carriers, we provide transportation of goods in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price. Working with our company will allow you to save on transportation of goods and, at the same time, to receive firm guarantees of timely and safe delivery.

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