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Sea transportation

If you are not pressed by the time of delivery, and you want to save on overhead charges, the best way of goods transportation for you may be sea transportation. To date, this type of goods transportation is the most beneficial for transportation of large quantities of goods to the regions of the world with access to the sea or ocean.

Panalmera Company offers you to experience first-hand the many benefits of sea transportation. Probably the most impressive of them is the financial affordability of the mode of goods transportation, which is especially noticeable in comparison with the air transportation.

In addition, by sea transport goods of different nomenclature can be transported, unless, of course, they belong to the category of perishable products. Picking the appropriate type of cargo ship, you can send by sea oil and gas, bulk goods, timber, machinery and equipment, combined goods, as well as any oversized goods, including those of gigantic size.

Another advantage of sea transportation is an increased level of goods security. If you are transporting fragile or valuable goods, this criterion can also be decisive for you.

Of course, you should take into account the weaknesses of sea transportation, which include first of all dependence on the changeable weather factors. However, thanks to modern methods of navigation and the efforts of meteorologists force majeure events related to the nature are extremely rare  even in areas that are famous for frequent storms .

Our company provides international sea transportation services to USA, China and other countries. Entrusting us with this important matter, you will save yourself much worry associated with delivery and clearance of goods, and thus you will be able to keep calm for the fate of the transported goods.

For the successful sea transportation it is important to make optimal scheme of goods delivery. It is the main aim of the efforts of our experts, who choose the most suitable option of transportation according to the type of goods, the required time in a way, acceptable budget and other critical conditions. When working with clients we strive to make sure that transportation is carried out at the most competitive rates while maintaining an decent level of quality of services provided by shipping companies.

We also provide a variety of related services, including assistance in obtaining shipping documents and customs clearance of goods. Tracking of way bills during transportation will allow you to be notified of the location and time of arrival of the goods. Also, at your request we can arrange a multimodal transportation, according to which on part of the way the goods will be transported by sea, and on the rest – by land or air transport for the fastest and favorable delivery.

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